Demian’s update from the field

Demian Champan and a blacknose shark, Carcharhinus acronotus

 Dr. Demian Chapman landed in Grand Bahama this week with some of the research team.  They have already tagged some 48 sharks in 3 days, including lemons (above picture), bonnetheads and blacknose sharks! “The two former are subjects of our genetic studies, so this is really great,” said Chapman.

One of the main objectives of this trip is to survey potential nursery areas for juvenile sharks in the Bahamas. Of particular focus is the lemon shark. This project builds on a 20-year research project conducted at the Bimini Biological Field station that has shown that female lemon sharks return to their birthplace to give birth.  The team is visiting different habitats around the islands to find young sharks. This week is Grand Bahama Island.

Lemon shark being measured.





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